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SALT WATER  - Invertebrate - Sea Star

Red Knob Sea Star Protoreaster linckii

Red Knob Sea Star (Protoreaster linckii)  
Aliases:  Red Spine Star, African Sea Star
Red Knob Sea Star Protoreaster linckii
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region of origin

  Family:  Oreasteridae
  Maximum Size:  
   Diameter - 12 inches
  Temperament:  Passive
  Stamina:  Hardy

  Activity:  Day / Diurnal
  Tank Area Preference:
   Entire Tank

  Captive Breeding:  Low
  Sexual Differences:  None Specified

  Aquarium Compatibility


Reef Caution
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   A terrific and large growing starfish that fairs well in captivity, provided it has plenty to scavenge and graze. Smaller specimens are typically safe in most tanks, however adults will consume most invertibrates it comes across. Large Red Knobs will eat clams, tube worms, soft corals and even other starfish. So, mix with caution.   
The Red Knob Sea Star (Protoreaster linckii) is sometimes called a Red Spine Star or an African Sea Star. It belongs to the family named Oreasteridae. Typically reaching a max size of about 12 inches in diameter, the Red Knob Sea Star is passive in nature and hardy in stamina. It's more active during the daytime and less at night, and will hang out across the entire tank. According to FishDB current data, captive breeding success is low and there are no external signs of sexual differences. Tank parameters should be maintained with ph level between 8.1 - 8.4, temperature between 77 - 79 degrees fahrenheit, and a salinity between 1.020 - 1.023. Some of the environmental concerns that you should strive to replicate in your home aquaria to promote succesful acclimation include a well established aquarium, extra substrate area, porous live rock, and rockwork structure.

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